NYSOBBA Membership

Personal Development, Growth & Networking Opportunities

Members gather regularly for regional meetings and once a year at the annual conference. Members also frequently communicate via the NYSOBBA list serve. These activities provide a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information to assist members with personal development, professional growth, and networking opportunities.

Annual Membership Fees (Aug 1 – Jul 31)

Individual Institution/Business Partner $75
Institution/Business Partner Group (3-5 members) $200
NYSOBBA Alumni/Retiree $10



Requirements to Join (Bylaws)

Section 1 - Classifications of Membership: NYSOBBA has two classifications of members: (1) voting members and (2) non-voting members

    1. Voting members (known as institutional members) shall consist of individuals who have direct or supporting responsibility for student-related business functions in higher education.
  1. Non-voting members shall consist of individuals who are interested but not directly involved in student-related business functions. There shall be two types of non-voting members:
    1. Business Partner members consist of vendors who provide products and services to individuals who have direct responsibility for student-related business functions in higher education. Business Partner members may also consist of individuals from governmental entities that have a direct impact on student financial services.
    2. Retiree members shall consist of active members who subsequently retire. All correspondence from NYSOBBA shall continue to be sent to retiree members until they either request such correspondence to cease or they fail to renew their membership.