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Discuss And Network With Our E-list! Your membership includes access to our exclusive e-list (AKA, listserv). This new tool allows you to distribute messages to all of the members subscribing to the list with a simple email to the list address. Think of the possibilities!

• Communicate with the membership through a single email.

• Search the online archive for valuable information and resources.

• Ask your peers questions that are most important you.

Manage your membership, e-list subscription and preferences through our member website.

To get started:
1. Log into the member only website:
2. Enter Your Username and  your password.
3. Update your profile under Your Profile.
4. Manage your membership under Membership Renewal.
5. Manage your listserve subscription under E-Lists/Listserves. 
          -Make sure you are subscribed to the list (if you are receiving this e-mail you are). 
          -Make note of the list address ([email protected]).
          -Click Edit to control your preferences. 
          -Click the list name to see and search previous posts. 
          -To start participating, click Post a New Message or send an email to the list address.